Self-Paced Courses

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Steve has 14 self-paced courses available on that you can view below. is a subscription based model with a modest monthly fee and is the most cost effective way to get quality Nuke training. You can sign up for a 10-day free trial on

NUKE Nuggets Weekly

Want to become a better, more productive compositor? Get a new NUKE nugget every Thursday, including tips on lighting, color matching, grading, cloning, rotoscoping and more.

Level: Intermediate
Runtime: 6h 40m

NUKE 10 New Features

VFX guru Steve Wright walks through the three big new features in the Foundry's flagship compositing app, NUKE 10: RayRender node, ChromaKey node and the Smart Vector Toolset.

Level: Intermediate
Runtime: 59m 8s

Nuke Essential Training

Learn about keying, compositing, rotoscoping, tracking, color correcting, and many other vital techniques in the high-end VFX compositing package, Nuke.

Level: Beginner
Runtime: 7h 36m

VFX Keying: Master Course

NUKE master Steve Wright dives deep into the process of keying for visual effects in NUKE. Learn about green-screen, blue-screen, luma and saturation keys; spill suppression; color correction; edge refinement; and more.

Level: Intermediate
Runtime: 11h 58m

NUKE Compositing: Zombies

Learn how to build a zombie graveyard scene and practice your NUKE compositing skills in this fun NUKE tutorial. NUKE expert Steve Wright shows how to use NUKE's keying, color correction, and effects tools to make a zombie rise from…

Level: Intermediate
Runtime: 2h 40m

NUKE Compositing: Alien Portal

Acclaimed NUKE instructor Steve Wright shows how to create an otherworldly alien portal with NUKE, teaching valuable compositing, camera tracking, and lighting techniques along the way.

Level: Intermediate
Runtime: 2h 20m

NUKE Compositing: Sci-Fi Force Field

Acclaimed NUKE instructor Steve Wright shows how to create a show-stopping sci-fi force field using NUKE.

Level: Intermediate
Runtime: 2h 12m

Nuke 8 New Features

Join digital compositing pioneer Steve Wright for a tour of the new features in Nuke 8.

Level: Intermediate
Runtime: 1h 24m

Nuke 7 New Features

Explore the new 2D and 3D features and improved performance in Nuke 7, the premiere compositing package for visual effects in film and television.

Level: Intermediate
Runtime: 4h 6m

Nuke 6.3 New Features

Reviews the Nuke 6.3 tools and performance enhancements, including 3D particle systems, planar tracking and deep compositing.

Level: Intermediate
Runtime: 4h 39m

Mocha 2.6 Essential Training

Covers the basics of operating the mocha software as well as advanced tracking and rotoscoping techniques.

Level: Beginner
Runtime: 5h 1m

About the Author, Steve Wright

Steve Wright is a senior visual effects compositing artist with over 20 years experience.  He has over 70 feature film credits, including Night at the Museum 2, Shutter Island, Solaris, Traffic, U-571, Air Force One and Hart's War.  He has created the visual effects for 70 broadcast television commercials. He has published two popular books on compositing.

Steve is now a master trainer travelling around the world conducting VFX compositing training for major studios using NUKE.  He produces training programs and conducts both online and location-based classes and workshops.  His tutorials have won two Telly awards.  Steve is a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and the Digital Cinema Society (DCS).