Senior Mentor

Senior Mentor Isa Alsup is a visual effects supervisor, compositor, cg artist, and award-winning graphic designer, whose vfx and motion graphics work spans more than three decades, over 50 feature films, and hundreds of broadcast projects ranging from visual effects through motion graphics.

As a senior compositor, 3d artist, and supervisor, Isa provides a mixture of vfx artistic skill, technical expertise, and production-leadership.  An industry pioneer, Isa has been involved in mentoring junior artists and developing the art of digital effects since he began his career.

Isa now splits his time between visual effects projects, motion graphics title work, and online mentoring for FX Ecademy.

His teaching method is similar to Steve’s as he strives to show the student simple, clean and highly effective compositing techniques; and  gives students the real-production style guidance an artist would get from a compositing supervisor.

Isa's Digital Career

Isa's career in computer graphics began in 1983 as the first full-time artist on the world's first commercial 2D paint and animation system, the Oscar-winning Aurora 100.  Soon after, Isa began working as lead artist on the first commercial 3D graphics system, the Bosch fgs 4000.  in 1986 Isa work with the the ground-breaking 3d program, Wavefront Advanced Visualizer. While working at The Post Group at this time, Isa championed and helped develop tools for linear compositing, field-rate compositing, particle systems, image processing and digital disk recording.

Over the last 30 years, Isa has worked as a CG Supervisor, Comp Supervisor, Green-Screen Supervisor, VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer.

His film credits include movies like Zoolander 2, Pan, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Oz the Great and Powerful,  The Life of Pi,  Green Lantern, Batman and Robin, Mortal Kombat and The Shadow. His extensive film credits may be viewed on IMDb.

His broadcast work includes hundreds of TV projects including visual effects for shows such as Star Trek The Next Generation, Max Headroom, Knight Rider, and Airwolf.

In addition, he has an extensive background in motion graphics titles for film and television, and in advertising projects.

As a compositor, Isa helped with the product specification, design, testing and plug-in development for the  Wavefront (later AliasComposer software, used on many features throughout the 1990’s.  He is well versed in compositing theory and methods: Nuke is his 10th compositing software tool to work with.  He currently works in NUKE® and After Effects®.

With an avid interest in the image making process, Isa majored in both graphic design and production management. He developed leadership training programs and writes about vfx leadership online at The Art of CG Supervision.

Isa has owned and run a boutique, supervised features, and built a vfx studio for Flight 33 Productions.  He continued on as VFX Supervisor-Producer for over 300 minutes of  HDTV visual effects produced by Flight 33 for the History Channel's The Universe and other  shows for History and Discovery.

Isa has taught and mentored artists in paint, animation, rotoscopy, CG, compositing and stereoscopy. He developed programs and gave vfx training at Prime FocusGEON Studios, Tippet Studios, Flight 33 and The Post Group.  He was an instructor under Steve's program at Reliance Media Works.  He has been a NUKE® mentor with Steve for over two years.

Accolades for Isa

1992 – Emmy Award® for Sports Graphics Design; “Games of the XXV Olympiad”; NBC
2001 – Aegis Award of Excellence; "Citation X Experience"; Cessna Aircraft Company

Award Winning Works
Uncredited Primary or Major Contributor

1988 – Telly Award; “KGUN TV Station ID” - motion graphics designer
1988 – Bronze Award, National Computer Graphics Association; "MAZDA, 1988 Dealer Show Open" - motion graphics designer
1988 – Telly Award; “Boeing" - motion graphics designer
1987 – Silver Award, National Computer Graphics Association; "MAZDA, 1987 Dealer Show Open" - motion graphics designer
1986 – Silver Award, National Computer Graphics Association; "Xerox City" - cg animation director
1985 – Broadcast Designer's Association Award; "CBS Movies" - motion graphics designer